Monthly Archives: August 2014

Innovation Hubs in Sub-Saharan Africa

This third stage of the project centres on the specialised services being nurtured in Sub-Saharan Africa’s innovation hubs. Innovation hubs have been variously termed ‘tech hubs’, ‘business incubators’, ‘collaboration spaces’, and ‘innovation labs.’ They are locations in which programmers, developers, service providers, funders, and the public sector come together (usually in a space with large… Read More »

Bottom of the pyramid labour (BoP) in Sub-Saharan Africa

The second stage of the project will focus on ‘bottom of the pyramid’ labour (BoP) in Sub Saharan Africa. The term ‘BoP’ is increasingly used to describe ways of productively enrolling the world’s poorest into production networks and commodity chains. ICT-mediated microwork and micro-tasks (sometimes referred to as ‘paid crowdsourcing’) are an example of this… Read More »