Advisory Committee

Dr Jenna Burrell

Associate Professor

School of Information

Web: Jenna’s Web Page
Twitter: @jennaburrell

Professor Danny Dorling

School of Geography and the Environment
University of Oxford

Web: Danny’s Web Page
Twitter: @dannydorling

Dr Ignace Gatare

Director General

National Commission of Science and Technology
Government of Rwanda

Web: National Commission of Science and Technology Web Page
Twitter: @ignacegatare

Dr Alison Gillwald

Executive Director

Research ICT Africa Network

Web: Research ICT Africa Network Web Page
Twitter: @alison_gillwald

Dr Bitange Ndemo

Former Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Information and Communication
Government of Kenya

Web: Bitange’s Web Page
Twitter: @bantigito

Mr Badru Ntege

Group CEO

NFT Consult

Web: NFT Consult Web Page
Twitter: @ntegeb

Professor Henry Yeung

Department of Geography
National University of Singapore

Web: Henry’s Web Page