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The Archipelago of Disconnection

22 July 2015 0

The two previous blog posts in this small series discussed Internet population and growing Internet access worldwide. In this post we turn our eyes to territories that are largely left out of global digital connectivity. We look at these areas in terms of Internet penetration (i.e. the share of their population that have “used the Internet… Read More »

Changing Internet Access

14 July 2015 0

The Importance of Being Connected The Internet is ever more important to contemporary economic, social, and political activity. Thus, it is important to map who and where is (and isn’t) connected and can (or cannot) participate. Changing Internet Penetration by World Region In our last post, we primarily discussed how the number of people with Internet… Read More »

The World Online

8 July 2015 0

Description This map shows the total number of Internet users in a country (size of the country) as well as the percentage of the population that has Internet access (shade of the country). It is an update of our 2011 visualization. Data and Method The map uses 2013 data on Internet users and population that… Read More »

Uneven Geographies of Digital Wages

9 June 2015 0

Our previous post contained a few maps that shed light on the geographies of online work. But what we didn’t do there was explore the spatial variance of wages. The cartogram in this post depicts each country as a circle and sizes each country according to dollar inflow to each country during March 2013 (on… Read More »

Incubators vs. Hubs at the Example of Accra

5 June 2015 0

Use of the term “hub” has certainly been inflationary in discussions about innovation and entrepreneurship support. I believe that innovation hubs are a genuinely new (and exciting!) organizational form, but at the same time, “hub” has become a misnomer for many organizations where the label doesn’t quite fit, especially across Africa. This wouldn’t be such… Read More »

New book drawing on fieldwork in Sub-Saharan Africa

10 December 2014 0

I’m delighted to announce the release of a new book that I co-wrote with colleagues Dan Hammett and Chasca Twyman: ‘Research and Fieldwork in Development.’ The book draws on our experiences of doing fieldwork about development (often in the context of Sub-Saharan Africa) and explores both traditional and cutting edge research methods, from interviews and… Read More »